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BA (University of Waterloo)
St. Jerome's University, Ontario
Language of instruction
Co-op available
Distance Education
Bachelor's/First professional degree
Program website
Faculty of Arts (University of Waterloo)
Students can register in almost any arts program offered by the University of Waterloo. Programs can be tailored to suit individual interests and needs. A unique array of interdisciplinary options is offered.
Area of Study
  • European studies/civilization
  • Russian studies
  • Women's studies
  • German language and literature
  • Italian language and literature
  • Spanish language and literature
  • Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, General
  • Human development and family studies, general
  • Legal studies, general
  • English language and literature, general
  • English rhetoric and composition
  • Medieval and renaissance studies
  • Classical, ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern studies and archaeology
  • Philosophy
  • Religion/religious studies, general
  • Psychology, general
  • Anthropology, general
  • Economics, general
  • Development economics and international development
  • Geography
  • Political science and government, general
  • Sociology
  • Drama and dramatics/theatre arts, general
  • Fine/studio arts, general
  • Music, general
  • Business/commerce, general
  • History, general
  • French language and literature, general