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Bachelor of Mining Engineering Technology
Queen's University, Ontario
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Distance Education
Bachelor's/First professional degree
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Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
The modern mining industry is concerned with the stewardship and recovery of the earth’s mineral resources in an economic and sustainable manner, while also adhering to ethical and social values. The Bachelor of Mining Engineering Technology curriculum has been designed to provide technical, managerial, and sustainability skills, as well as develop an understanding of the business of mining in terms of economics, finance, and people. Recognizing that technical competence is key to the business of mining, these competencies will be emphasized by providing the necessary fundamental background in science and mathematics, and reinforced through a two-week hands-on field school placement, occurring in the summer of each year (one in Kingston, the other in Timmins), which will also serve to enhance the development of applied skills and theoretical concepts.
Area of Study
  • Mining and mineral engineering