Canada’s universities are helping Indigenous students reach their academic and career goals. Here’s how…


Stay true to you own values as you pursue your education

University of Victoria Kimberly Hanton recommends that Indigenous students stay authentic and keep lines of communications open as they navigate the challenges of their education and career paths. Kimberly is a member of the Qalipu Mi`kmaq First Nation in Newfoundland.


Text on screen: [Indigenous Student Success in Higher Education: A Personal Perspective]

Kimberly Hanton, University of Victoria:

I’m a member of the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Band of Newfoundland where I was born. I think bottom line, whatever situation you’re in, stay true to your own values and always be authentic at all times. If there are problems, there are always solutions, and if you’ve got that mind set, then you’ll be all right.

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