Canada’s universities are helping Indigenous students reach their academic and career goals. Here’s how…


A personal perspective

University of Saskatchewan student Jack Saddleback discusses the future for Indigenous students in postsecondary education.


Text on screen: [Indigenous Student Success in Higher Education: A Personal Perspective]

Jack Saddleback, University of Saskatchewan:  I am more than ecstatic and optimistic about the future for Indigenous students when it comes to education. There’s so many options for us to be able to grow as a nation, as a people, you know, as a society when it comes to including Indigenous people in all aspects and to have Indigenous people know that, you know, we can step up and we can do these things.

For myself, I see options in regards to people working here, people studying here and people going off into other aspects in the world to be able to influence that and to encourage other people to go into postsecondary education.

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