Canada’s universities are helping Indigenous students reach their academic and career goals. Here’s how…


Resources for Indigenous students help you succeed at university

University of Manitoba business student Brayden Curtis Harper urges Indigenous students to take advantage of the services and programs available to them to ensure they complete their university education. Brayden is a member of the Peguis First Nation in Manitoba.


Text on screen: [Indigenous Student Success in Higher Education: A Personal Perspective]

Brayden Harper, University of Manitoba:

One of the major supports I mean for me at the Business School was the Aboriginal Business Education Partners Program. And so really, it’s a unique program, so you have to be either Métis, Inuit, status or non-status Aboriginal, an indigenous student. You apply to the program, you have a bit of an interview with the coordinators, and so it’s really unique because you’re not only in a separate community from the Business School, like a separate group or club, if you want to call it that, but there’s a whole separate board of like advisors and coordinators that you can go talk to throughout the year. So they provide you with tutor services, mentoring, career choices. I’ve like used them multiple times.

As a leader, I think it’s really important, especially as a young leader, to show students and demonstrate the importance of a strong education and that there’s resources out there. And sometimes – I always tell, you know, my friends this, and I tell younger students this too, is like don’t be afraid to ask, right? So there’s resources out there. There’s people that can help you, and if there’s questions that you have, whether it’s a professor or whether it’s career advice, whether it’s something as simple as, you know, what colour should I wear tomorrow, right, just don’t be afraid to ask because unless you don’t take that little risk in asking, you won’t get the answer, and you won’t find out if something’s available there for you.

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