Luther College

Luther College is a liberal arts and sciences college federated with the University of Regina. Located on the beautiful University of Regina (U of R) campus, Luther offers degrees in the Arts; Sciences; Media, Art, and Performance; and an array of excellent pre-professional options. Here, students have all the benefits of a larger campus without feeling lost in the crowd. Luther students are U of R students, pay the same tuition and fees, and receive a U of R degree. Luther students take classes across campus, and access all the U of R services, but also get the extra services reserved especially for Luther College students. The college is recognized for its high standards of teaching, focused research, and student support.

Luther’s academic advisors and enrollment counsellors work closely with students to navigate through their university journey. Its faculty encourage students to explore, learn, and transform passion into a meaningful career. Students receive one-on-one academic advising throughout their time at Luther. The College is known for making the transition from high school to university easy. Designed to give students a successful start to university, optional groups of courses, called Bundles, can be chosen when registering for first semester.

The college is rooted in the Lutheran heritage and intellectual tradition, and honours the beliefs of those it serves, those with and without faith traditions.

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Full-time (undergraduates)

Part-time (undergraduates)

Source: University of Regina (excluding federated colleges) (2022 rounded preliminary fall enrolment)



Undergraduate tuition fees:
$7,230 - $7,665

Graduate tuition fees:


Undergraduate tuition fees:
$21,690 - $22,995

Graduate tuition fees:

Source: Statistics Canada. Fees for general programs in arts and humanities (2022-23)

Note: In addition to tuition fees, universities generally charge fees for goods and services supplied to students. This includes areas such as student associations, sports and health. These additional fees vary widely per university and per student and can run from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Check with the university for details.