University of the Fraser Valley campus: view of modern glass building.

General statistics

Students who identify as Indigenous 2 to 4.99%
Academic staff who identify as Indigenous Less than 2%

Indigenous languages

Courses offered Halq'emeylem

Mandatory courses

Yes, for certain faculties or programs Teacher Education is the only program that has a mandatory Indigenous course requirement. We have Indigenous programs wherein the Indigenous courses are the core requirements.
At UFV we have chosen to Indigenize across the curriculums. To us this means that all course and all programs must consider the ways in which the teaching contributes to Indigenizing our Academy. It also means that while there are not "mandatory courses" all students at UFV will engage with Indigenous content in their program of study. Indigenizing is in everything we do at UFV, the curriculum, the services, the governance and the aesthetics.

Financial support

Emergency funds

Financial guidance

Individual student appointments with a Financial Aid Counsellor and Group information workshops for students including New Student Orientation / New Parent orientation


Academic counselling
General counselling
+ Other

Elder supports, and social supports


Social or cultural events
Gathering space
Elder engagement
+ Other

Orientation, Indigenous graduation celebration