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General statistics

Students who identify as Indigenous 5 to 9.99%
Academic staff who identify as Indigenous 5 to 9.99%

Indigenous languages

Courses offered Cree

Mandatory courses

Yes, for certain faculties or programs Faculty of Education:
After-Degree Bachelor of Education
All graduates of the After-Degree B.Ed. program must have 3 credit hours of Aboriginal Education coursework.

Integrated Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education
Prior to beginning Year 5 all B.Ed. students must have completed the Aboriginal Education Requirement which is defined as 3 credit hours Aboriginal Education.

Faculty of Arts:
A General Major in Native Studies requires: 30 Credit Hours in Native Studies
A Single Advanced Major requires: 48 Credit Hours in Natives Studies in Native Studies
A Minor (Concentration) in Native Studies requires: 18 Credit Hours
A Native Languages Minor (Concentration) requires: 18 Credit Hours
A Single Advanced Major in the Aboriginal Governance Stream requires: 51 Credit Hours
A Minor in Business in the Aboriginal Governance Stream requires: 15 Credit Hours

A Master's of Arts in Native Studies requires 12 Credit Hours in: NATV 7230 Methodology and Research Issues in Native Studies; NATV 7240 Issues in Colonization; NATV 7250 Culture: Theory and Praxis; and NATV 7280 Native Studies Colloquia (3 terms).

Faculty of Social Work:
Master of Social Work based in Indigenous Knowledges
The M.S.W. - I.K. is an advanced degree build on an Indigenous foundation.
A full list of course requirements can be found here:

A Pre M.S.W. Program requires 3 credit hours: Social Work and Aboriginal People

The M.S.W. Program Indigenous Practice Cluster requires 9 credit hours (3 each in): Indignity, Power, Privilege, and Social Work; Social Work, Social Challenges, and Indigenous People; and Anti-Colonial Social Work.

Financial support

Repayable Loans
Graduate fellowship
Emergency funds

Financial guidance

The University of Manitoba's Financial Aid & Awards office provides financial guidance to all students. The Access and Aboriginal Focus Programs, Engineering Access Program, Aboriginal Business Education Partners, and Indigenous Student Centre provide additional financial guidance to Indigenous students.


Academic counselling
General counselling
Peer-to-peer mentoring
Employment/career counselling
Child care
+ Other

The University of Manitoba has Elders in Residence who are available to meet with students.


Social or cultural events
Gathering space
Elder engagement