University of Calgary campus: university entrance with red arch over the road.

General statistics

Students who identify as Indigenous 2 to 4.99%
Academic staff who identify as Indigenous Less than 2%

Indigenous languages

Courses offered Other

Financial support

Repayable Loans
Graduate fellowship
Emergency funds

Financial guidance

1. The Student Award and Financial Aid Office provides advising support to Indigenous and non-Indigenous students on the government student loan process, including the application, and will assist students who are coordinating with other funding sources such as third party First Nations funding, RESPs, and external scholarships to ensure proper documentation and declaration on the loan application.
2. The Native Centre provides specialized financial advising and advocacy services for students seeking third party sponsorship from First Nations communities or designated offices under the federal Post-secondary sponsorship program. The Native Centre also assists students seeking Indigenous-based external awards, bursaries, and scholarships programs, funded by national organizations or private corporations.
3. The Graduate Student Awards office provides an online search engine through the Graduate Award Database. Graduate students can select various categories, including Indigenous in order to browse through a series of regional, provincial, and national awards. The University also offers and manages the selection process for specific Indigenous graduate student awards and scholarships. When a doctoral student self identifies as Aboriginal and applies for an NSERC scholarship, the application is forwarded directly to NSERC by the University for adjudication.


Academic counselling
General counselling
Peer-to-peer mentoring
Employment/career counselling
+ Other

LYNX: Aboriginal Student Career and Employment Program - The LYNX Program, managed by the Native Centre, provides an online career development platform for indigenous students currently enrolled with or newly graduated from a variety of post-secondary institutions across Canada. The program offers online career development tools and a job browsing opportunity through the LYNX Portal (


Social or cultural events
Gathering space
Elder engagement
+ Other

NAPI Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program; Aboriginal Relations Leadership Training Program